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New Restoration Grant strand for small projects announced

Thanks to a series of generous donations the AIA can make available Restoration Grants of up to £20,000 for a range of historic and industrial archaeology purposes. The first awards were made in 2009, and we have since been able to allocate nearly three quarters of a million pounds.

From 2020 onwards the available Grants pot is divided into two categories:

  • Major projects where the maximum grant that can be awarded is £20,000. The grant from the AIA must be a significant part of the total project cost, not just a small contribution to a very large project, so that the AIA grant has real impact. The AIA would not normally fund projects where our grant represents less than 20% of the total project costs;
  • Small projects which are allocated at least 20% of the available funds. The grant limit is £7,500, for which the total cost of the project, excluding the value of volunteer labour, must not exceed £10,000.

Download Criteria and How to Apply for a Restoration Grant (pdf 254kb)

[ Image above: “Before and after” – Salt Waggon at the Lion Salt Works restored with the aid of an AIA Restoration Grant ]

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