Our mission

To develop and deploy our knowledge and expertise in the most accessible ways possible to promote the value of industrial archaeology and heritage, and help others to do so


To support our mission we have developed an Action Plan which supports our objectives by :

  1. Maintaining our position as the champion for industrial archaeology and heritage by engaging with national and international bodies concerned with legislation, planning policy and funding. For example we engage with the UK government through the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Industrial Heritage and we give financial support to the Industrial Heritage Support Officer
  2. Supporting the development and sharing of knowledge and information relating to industrial archaeology and heritage through events, publications and other activities. For example we hold Annual Conferences and run the East-West workshops and we publish Industrial Archaeology Review, IA News and regional gazetteers
  3. Supporting the preservation of industrial heritage assets through our restoration grant schemes.
  4. Rewarding excellence in the study and promotion of industrial archaeology and heritage through our awards schemes.
  5. Seeking to ensure the value of industrial archaeology and heritage is recognised in planning decisions by engaging with local planning authorities

But to do all this we need your support.

Help give our past a future.

Ironbridge, Shropshire

Established in 1973

50 years of Industrial Archaeology