About Us

The AIA promotes the study, preservation and presentation of Britain’s industrial heritage

Britain was the first industrial nation. For the last three centuries industry has had a major influence on the society, environment and landscape in which we live; it shaped the country and its remains provide a link with the past that can also serve the future.

The AIA is the national organisation for people who share an interest in Britain’s industrial past. It brings together groups and individuals with an interest and expertise in identifying, recording, preserving and presenting the remains of the industrial past.

What we do :

Our shared interests unite academics, field professionals, individuals and local societies by:

  • Sponsoring research and rewarding excellence through our awards scheme
  • Pooling knowledge and setting standards of recording
  • Encouraging research and publication and
  • Assisting preservation through a restoration grants programme
  • Representing industrial archaeology by active membership of national and international bodies concerned with legislation, planning and financial support
  • Supporting local and special interest societies

The things we look at :

Just some of the themes being investigated by our members are :

  • Industrial buildings and what goes on inside
  • Adaptive re-use
  • Mineral extraction
  • Power technology
  • Transport history
  • Heritage-based tourism

Our role in conservation :

  • We constantly monitor applications across the country to alter or demolish industrial sites and buildings
  • We work with other amenity groups to protect Britain’s heritage
  • We represent Britain on The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH).

Whatever aspect of the industrial past is of interest the AIA will probably be able to help.

Help give our past a future


The Association for Industrial Archaeology is registered in England under the Companies Act 1948 (No 1326854) and the Charities Act 1960 (No 277511).
Registered Office: c/o IGMT, Coach Road, Coalbrookdale, Telford TF8 7DQ