Affiliated Societies

Affiliated membership is available to societies, clubs and groups, whether of local interest or of national specialist interest, so that they can have a voice in national matters and their members can be aware of what is happening in the wider field. By adding their strength to the AIA it increases our voice and position when representing industrial archaeology at a national or European level. Representatives may be nominated to exercise voting rights and all regular publications plus five copies of I A News are included. Attendance at events at AIA membership rates is available to the affiliated organisation’s members. Subscription details are given on our Membership page.

For questions about affiliation contact the Affiliated Societies officer on Council. Email:


For a large part of this year, and especially now (November 2020), many of our Affiliated Societies have been unable to hold face to face events in the way they always have. But this does not mean they have to remain dormant. Increasingly groups are switching their meetings from physical to virtual allowing them to continue in a meaningful way and even extending awareness of their group to audiences far beyond local and even national boundaries.

All IA groups have difficulty identifying good speakers for their meetings and adding the requirement of being able to give a talk ‘virtually’ might make that problem even harder. So, in the light of this, the AIA is creating an index of speakers willing to give IA related talks face-to-face but also, crucially, indicating whether they are willing to present virtually. The list is now available to Affiliated Societies.

At this time [ 6 Nov 2020 ] the list is quite short and it can only grow and become useful if you also contribute to it. Can you or anyone in your group tell us about good speakers you’ve heard who might be willing to speak to other groups? Or would you be able to give a presentation yourself? Just because a talk you heard, or gave, was on a local or specialist topic doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be of wider interest.

Read more in this News post:

To get a copy of the list and to give us your additions to it please email


The AIA does not presently offer or endorse any insurance products. However, the Council for British Archaeology and the Institute for Archaeologists both endorse the schemes for archaeologists offered by the Archaeology & Heritage Division of Towergate Insurance.   The CBA website provides more information and contact details:


A list of our affiliated members is given below with links to their web sites where known. For those Affiliates without web sites a simple details and contact information page is provided where such information has been supplied.

If your organisation is listed ensure your secretary has given full details to the AIA to enable an appropriate listing.

If your society is not listed perhaps it should consider affiliating to the AIA and help support the promotion of industrial archaeology.

Please advise us of any broken links or other problems so that we can keep this list up-to-date.

Affiliated Groups may advertise their events: meetings, talks, walks, visits, conferences or anything that is related to Industrial Archaeology in the Events Diary  Please contact the webmaster giving full details to get your event included:

Berkshire IA Group
Black Country Living Museum, Dudley
Black Country Society
Bristol IA Society
Cambridge IA Society
Combe Mill Society, Oxon
Cumbria Industrial History Society
Derbyshire Archaeological Society – IA Section
Dorset IA Society
Essex Society for Archaeology & History – IA Group
Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge, S Wales
Gloucestershire Society for IA
Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society
Halifax Antiquarian Society
Hampshire IA Society
I A Recordings, Wolverhampton
IASDA IA section of the Devonshire Association
Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland
Leicestershire Industrial History Society
Lichfield Waterworks Trust
Literary & Philosophical Society, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Luton Culture
Manchester Region IA Society
Merseyside Industrial Heritage Society
Norfolk Industrial Archeological Society
North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology Society
Northamptonshire IA Group
Northern Archaeological Associates
Northern Mill Engine Society
Railway & Canal Historical Society
Scottish Industrial Heritage Society
Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology
Somerset Industrial Archaeology Society
South West Wales IA Society
South Wilts IA Society
South Yorkshire Industrial History Society
Staffs IA Society
Suffolk IA Society
Surrey Archaeological Society
Surrey Industrial History Group
Sussex IA Society
Tramway Museum Society, Crich
Trevithick Society, Cornwall
Warwickshire IA Society
The Waterworks Museum, Hereford
Western Power Electricity Historical Society, Bristol
Westonzoyland Engine Trust
WH Allen Engineering Association
Wiltshire Archaeology & Natural History Society, Museum Archives & Library
Worcestershire IA & Local History Society
Yorkshire Archaeological Society – Industrial History Section

This list was last updated on 3rd September 2019