The Association for Industrial Archaeology

8th February 2016

As you will know Taylor & Francis now manages our membership, which in turn provides the addresses needed for mailing IA News and IA Review, so we look forward to you renewing your membership if you haven’t already done so. VAT is mentioned on the renewal notice, but will not be charged to members..

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Britain was the first industrial nation.

For the last three centuries industry has had a major influence on the society, environment and landscape in which we live; it shaped the country and its remains provide a link with the past that can also serve the future. The AIA is the national organisation for people who share an interest in Britain’s industrial past. It brings together groups and individuals with an interest and expertise in identifying, recording, preserving and presenting the remains of the industrial past. Uniting individuals, local societies, academics and field professionals we:

  • Sponsor research and reward excellence through our awards scheme
  • Assist preservation through a restoration grants programme
  • Encourage research and publication
  • Pool knowledge and set standards for recording
  • Represent industrial archaeology by membership of national and international bodies concerned with legislation, planning and financial support
  • Support local and special interest societies

Whatever aspect of the industrial past is of interest the AIA will probably be able to help.

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