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Contact us

For all general enquiries please contact the Secretary, details below.

Membership matters are handled by the Taylor & Francis Group. See our Membership page for more details.

Honorary President

Honorary Vice-Presidents

  • Sir Neil Cossons OBE
  • Professor John Hume

Elected Officers of the Association

Other points of contact

  • Elected Council Members

    • Zoe Arthurs (YMB)
    • Chris Barney
    • Dr Robert Carr
    • Tony Crosby
    • Keith Falconer OBE
    • Amber Patrick
    • Geoff Wallis
    • Dr Ian West

Co-opted Council Members

  • Bill Barksfield
  • Andrew Blaney (YMB)
  • Ashley Brogan (YMB)
  • John McGuinness
  • Michael Messenger
  • Stephen Miles
  • Ian Miller
  • Dr Mike Nevell
  • Dr Juan Sanchiz (YMB)


Details of awards, including how to apply and where to send your application, can be found on the Awards page


The Association for Industrial Archaeology is registered in England under the Companies Act 1948 (No 1326854) and the Charities Act 1960 (No 277511).