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Welcome to the AIA Young Members Board page

The Young Members Board was established with the aim of promoting the aims of the AIA and its sustainability into the future through broader engagement of the association with younger people and the wider community.

Since the establishment of the YMB in 2020, we have been working to investigate and brainstorm how we can make an impact in different areas of industrial archaeology and heritage through social media, improving international connectivity, and addressing equality and diversity issues.

During our online Strategy Day in September 2020, we developed an action plan for delivering some new initiatives which we hope will extend the work of the AIA in exciting ways.

The YMB aims:

  • To attract new audiences;
  • To engage with audiences through digital platforms;
  • To raise the profile of the next generation of industrial archaeology professionals and enthusiasts;
  • To advocate for industrial archaeology internationally;
  • To facilitate skills and knowledge transfer between generations; and
  • To engage with communities currently under-represented within industrial archaeology.

Who we are:

Young Members are invited to express their interest in joining the Young Members Board and being part of its development.  The opportunity is aimed at those who are mid-career or younger, with an established interest and experience in industrial archaeology and heritage.  The idea is to bring together a group of people with a diverse range of experience, skill-sets and interests.

Join the Young Members’ Community

Benefits of joining the AIA as a Young Member include:

  • All the benefits of full AIA membership
  • Networking with individuals with similar interests
  • Contact with more experienced professionals
  • Regular meetings, talks and events
  • Opportunities to join the Young Members Board
  • Access to resources
  • Opportunities for upskilling through volunteering

Contact us

If you would like to know more about the YMB or joining the Young Members’ Community, you can email us at

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Watch this space as this group works towards building more inclusive engagement with and around industrial archaeology, its people and communities.

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