Annual Report of Council


Each year Association’s Council reports to the membership.

The reports, which incorporate the annual accounts, are available for download below:

Annual Report 2021 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2020 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2019 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2018 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2017 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2016 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2015 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2014 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2013 [pdf file]

Annual Report 2012 [pdf file]

More details about the Association can be found on the Charity Commission’s web site. Enter 277511 in the Charity search box.

Association Constitution

The Association for Industrial Archaeology is a registered charity and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. Formally it is registered in England under the Companies Act 1948 (No 1326854) and the Charities Act 1960 (No 277511). Our Registered Office address is c/o IGMT, Coach Road, Coalbrookdale, Telford TF8 7DQ but this is only to be used for legal purposes, for normal use please see our Contacts page.

Our Constitution is embodied in our Memorandum and Articles of Association which can be downloaded here. They have been revised to bring them into line with recent changes by the Charity Commission.

Articles of Association [pdf file]

Memorandum of Association [pdf file]