Field Visits

The Association organises one longer tour each year, usually overseas.

Many field visits are also included in the Annual Conference and the Practical Days


Portugal 8th – 14th May 2023

The tour starts in Lisbon and travels north via Covilhã (sometimes referred to as the “Portugese Manchester”) to Porto.

As usual members of the group are free to choose their own means of travel to and from Portugal but if there is sufficient interest we will arrange airport transfers as optional extras.

Booking is now closed.

Full details may still be seen here:

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Bell Casting Ohio USA

Blast Furnaces Voelklingen Germany

Brick Works Indiana USA

Briquette Machine Saxony

Brown Coal Extraction Saxony

Control Valve Voelklingen Germany

Copper Mine Sweden

Cord Making Normandy

Cruquius Pumping Station Netherlands

Early Blast Furnace Sweden

Early Generating Station Romania

Group in Wuppertal

Hammer Mill Saxony

Lunch in Bucharest

Modern Power Station Chechia

Newcomen Engine Ford Museum Detroit

Packard Plant Detroit USA

Ribbon Weaving Lyon France

Ribbon Weaving Machine Lyon France

Roman Gold Mine Romania

Scissor Stamping the Ruhr

Silk Threads Lyon

Slup Water Mill Moravia

Steam Railway Rhone Valley France

Steel Works Netherlands

Sugar Factory Netherlands

Underground Reservoir Lyon France

Windmill Hungary

Windmill Kinderdijk Netherlands

Windmill Netherlands

Join the AIA Mailing List to get updates about all future events.