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E-FAITH Technical Weekend open for registration

The European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage is a network of like-minded voluntary sector organisations across Europe operating in the field of industrial heritage, industrial archaeology and technical heritage.

Its next technical weekend will be in Antwerp in Belgium from 17th to 19th June 2016. The venue is the Zuiderpershuis, Timmerwerfstraat 40, 2000 Antwerpen a former hydraulic power station associated with the movement of cranes, bridges and locks in Antwerp harbour, which has been converted into a cultural meeting place run by a non-profit trust.

The weekend involves a ‘conference’ of short presentations from attendees, discussions around the year’s theme, visits to industrial heritage sites, and much networking / socialising. The networking is important as E-FAITH’s main purpose is to encourage the dissemination of best practice and the sharing of experience and ideas between organisations with similar objectives based across Europe.

There will be guided visits to the Antwerp-South area (former dock and harbour area, quays etc) and to other industrial heritage sites in Antwerp, as well as free entry to a number of Antwerp museums.

There will be discussions about how to build on the legacy of 2015, updates on the progress of two EU collaborative project applications that have been submitted under different funding programmes, and opportunities for up to ten groups to make short presentations about their project.

Details and registration information are on the E-Faith website: //

The E-FAITH administrator, Adriaan Linters, speaks fluent English (and several other languages) and would be pleased to respond to any enquiries directly:

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