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Sightations exhibition – Contributions requested

You are warmly invited to participate in the Sightations exhibition, where the scientific and artistic aspects of archaeology are showcased, celebrated, and critiqued side by side.

Sightations is an archaeology-inspired exhibition running as part of this year’s Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference. In keeping with this year’s conference theme of ‘visualisation’, this exhibit seeks to unpack what it means to represent archaeology visually in 2016. Welcome mediums include drawings, photography, comics, painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramic, CGI, film, video, gaming, virtual reality, and digital works. By juxtaposing creative art forms with scientific approaches to representation Sightations takes aim at archaeological visual conventions and strives to reveal new links between different disciplines, creative industries and sectors of archaeology, drawing connections between ideas with an eye towards future directions for archaeological visualizations.

Submission Deadline:
Monday 31st October 2016. Applicants will be contacted by mid-November to confirm participation.

Exhibition dates:
Monday 19th December – Wednesday 21st December 2016.

You can find out more information about Sightations here: //

And more about TAG here:

Please direct any queries to our email at:

Bright thoughts,
Kate Rogers
Joana Valdez-Tullett
Grant Cox
Eleonora Gandolfi
Emilia Mataix-Ferrandiz
Helen Chittock

Department of Archaeology
University of Southampton

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