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Act now to save the coal processing plant of the Beringen coalmine

Last year, during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, local organizations in Flanders were already struggling to save the huge coal preparation (washing and sifting) plant of the Beringen coalmine – protected as an historic monument since 1994.

At the end of last year the Flemish Government started the procedure to lift the protection – against the negative advice formulated by the official Flemish Commission for Architectural Heritage – to allow the demolition of most of the plant.

There is now, and until March 19th, a public consultation running as prescribed by the Flemish heritage legislation. Everybody, all citizens and associations, from Flanders and abroad can formulate their opinion and proposals to the city council of Beringen, which has to process these and formulate general advice to the Minister.

The Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology has launched a campaign to collect as much as possible protest and objections against the de-listing and removal of the plant from the historic buildings register – and is asking everybody to send a letter to the city council of Beringen, who has to prepare the report for the Flemish Government.

Background, details and address where to send your letter can be found at

To be valid your letter should be sent as registered mail and arrive before March 19th at the latest.

Please send a copy of your letter to <>

May we also ask you to spread this call for help through your network
Many thanks,
Adriaan Linters
General Secretary
European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage (EFAITH)

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