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NAMHO Conference 2017 – Request for speakers

“Mining History Organisations – Achievements and Challenges”

A request from the Lecture Organiser

We are very keen to provide a full set of good lectures over two days of the 2017 Conference, 24th and 25th June, based at Godstone, Surrey.

We would like to encourage all mining history organisations to take this opportunity to showcase a project of which they are rightly proud, whether in progress, completed recently, or finished many years ago. Remember that future projects are not excluded either, so we would be very grateful if you would consider your options and let us know if your society would like to take one of the lecture slots. We would envisage that any presentation should last between 40 and 60 minutes, including a provision for a short question session at the end.

We would, if possible, like to hear about the challenges that your society had to overcome, and the nature of any issues and benefits derived from working with third parties, such as landowners, agencies of various kinds, or other bodies such as yours.

We are not necessarily expecting any particular style or manner of presentation, so please don’t feel constrained to an academic approach. We would like the event to be reasonably informal, inclusive, and above all, enjoyable.

If you would like to contribute, please let me know, including in your reply the subject matter, the length of time you think you need, and a brief summary. If you would like to contribute, but are not yet certain of the details, then just reply accordingly.

Best regards,

Peter Burgess

Lecture Organiser    NAMHO Conference 2017, Surrey.

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