James Watt 2019 events in Crofton, Birmingham and Scotland

James Watt died on 25th August 1819 and 2019 is the bicentenary year of his death. As a scientist, inventor and engineer James Watt contributed to steam-engine development, invented the world’s first commercial copying machine and added to the understanding of energy, gases and electricity. In 1774 James Watt moved from Scotland to Birmingham to enter into partnership with Matthew Boulton to produce steam engines. He retired in 1800 but continued researching and inventing in his attic workshop at Heathfield House in Handsworth until his death in 1819.

Crofton Science Fair 25th – 27th May 2019

Boulton & Watt installed the No1 Engine at Crofton in 1812 and it’s still working to this day! As Crofton’s tribute to James Watt’s life, career and achievements we are presenting this special Science Fair and James Watt themed steaming, in association with James Watt 2019, Badminton School Outreach, and the Institute of Physics. There will also be the launch of the wonderful new book “James Watt: A Life in 50 Objects” by Dr Malcolm Dick of Birmingham University. More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/705463996536376/


A major exhibition in the Library of Birmingham will explore his life and achievements while a series of talks, walks, visits and a conference celebrating the life and work of this great man will take place throughout the year. The bicentenary programme is delivered by a host of heritage partners and coordinated by the Lunar Society

Full details are available at: https://www.jameswatt2019.org/upcoming-events

Scotland and elsewhere

For events in Scotland and elsewhere see https://jameswatt.scot/events/


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