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IA News & AIA Bulletin archives now online and searchable

Archive editions

The complete run of the AIA Bulletin from Volume 1 No 1, March 1974 through to Volume 20 No 4, (Bulletin 87) 1993 is now available as pdf downloads on the AIA Bulletin page

The complete run of Industrial Archaeology News from Number 88, Spring 1994 through to Number 172, Spring 2015 is now available as pdf downloads on the IA News page

These pages are also available from the “Publications” drop-down in the second level menu.

We will continue to add further editions of IA News so that anyone can see the on-line archive up to about 1 year ago. Members of course continue to receive the latest edition of IA News in paper form as soon as it is published.

Indexing and search

All the media files (including IA News, AIA Bulletin and all other pdf files), all the pages, News and Feature articles on the website have been indexed using an automatic method. Such methods will inevitably miss some references, particularly in pdf files and may mistakenly index some things, but the sheer volume of data effectively prevents any other method being used.

You may like to know that there are presently over 62,000 terms in the index referencing about 334,000 entries in more than 200 documents. (And before you bother to try it, if you search on “Industrial” you will get 38 pages of results!)

To search the website hover your mouse pointer over the red spyglass on the right hand end of the top menu and then type your search word(s) and hit Return or click on “Search”.  The search function is very simple minded at present and only lists results in date order, we hope to improve this in the near future.

Known issues

As of 16 June 2016 the following IA News editions are not indexed:

  • Numbers 141 – 144, Summer 2007 to Spring 2008
  • Numbers 136 – 139, Spring 2006 to Winter 2006

And there are a few missing front page images from the IA News page.

We hope to correct this in the near future.

If you encounter any problems please post a comment below or contact the webmaster:

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