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BIAG, GLIAS, & WIAS publish virtual programmes for 2021

  • Berkshire Industrial Archaeology Group
  • Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society
  • Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society

have all published programmes of virtual meetings for 2021.

Details can be found in the Events Diary

All are Affiliated Societies and, as such, can have their events included in the Diary. Groups advertising there now find that their audiences are considerably enlarged by people beyond their usual specialism or geographic area – and you could do the same.

Need a virtual speaker?  Heard a good speaker?

The AIA has created a list of speakers on IA topics who are available to fill slots in your programme and we will be delighted to send you a copy on request. Good though it is, it can be better but only if we also receive input from you about people you know who may be willing to join the list. Send us a name and an email contact and we will do the rest.

Contact to add your events to the Diary, to nominate a speaker or get a copy of the list.

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