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Contact your MP about Industrial Heritage

The AIA are appealing for people to write to their MPs to encourage them to attend the All Party Parliamentary group on industrial heritage. Without their support this group may not continue, removing a vital mechanism through which the sector is able to talk directly to MPs about key issues affecting Industrial Heritage.

In the last Parliament (up to May 2015) there were over 500 All Party Parliamentary Groups, or APPGs, covering a wide range of subjects, including health, education, transport and heritage. These groups are important because they bring together members of Parliament and those closely involved in a particular sector to discuss Government policy in this area, and provide an effective means of informing and influencing politicians in all parties about current issues affecting the sector. At the end of each Parliament all APPGs are formally dissolved, to be set-up again at the start of the new Parliament.

The make-up of Parliament has changed significantly since the last election. It is therefore vital that we encourage our current MPs to attend the APPG to ensure that we continue to have an opportunity to talk directly to Parliament about Industrial Heritage, the issues it faces, and the significant benefits that it offers to the country as a whole.

In the European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year 2015 (// and at a time when Industrial Heritage faces increasing challenges from ongoing funding cuts and development pressures, it is more important than ever that our MPs are aware that Industrial Heritage is important to their constituents and something that they should be taking an active interest in.

If you want to help please write to your MP to ensure that they are aware of the Industrial Heritage AAPG, and to ask them to indicate their support.

There is more information about how to contact your MP on the UK Parliament website –

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