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AIA creates Young Members Board

A great way to take the Association and Industrial Archaeology forward

Council have established a Young Members Board as a sub-committee of the Association, composed of people who are in mid-career or younger. We recognize the ageing demographic of both the membership and Council and believe that by engaging with younger people we can together better deliver the aim of the Association to ‘give our past a future’.

The Board is able to set its own agenda and has executive powers to deliver it, subject to prior approval of policies, plans and budgets by Council.

The Board provides an exciting new opportunity for you to work with like-minded people to influence the direction of the Association and IA generally, raise your own profile, develop your personal skills and knowledge, build your CV, network with interesting and knowledgeable people and take on real responsibility. ( Members of the YMB must be members of the AIA but can join at the student rate )

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