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2015 Best Creative Re-use Award Presentation – Painswick

The Grave Diggers’ Hut

The award for the best creative re-use of an industrial building is usually announced at the AIA’s annual conference but it can take sometime to organise the presentation. So, it was pleasing that the presentation of one of the 2015 awards, to the Grave Diggers’ Hut in Painswick, Gloucestershire, finally took place in July.

This little stone building had been built for and used by the men who dug the graves in the Churchyard of St Mary’s, Painswick. It had long ceased its original use and had, perhaps not surprisingly, failed to find a new one and was decaying. However, when the Tourist Information Centre needed to be relocated, this was an ideal opportunity to convert and so reuse this building. The location is ideal because the small town of Painswick is well-known for its churchyard yew trees and chest/table tombs and of course St Mary’s church.

The presentation was made on the somewhat damp day of Friday 21 July 2017, with Anne Smith organiser of the Tourist Information Centre volunteers and the vicar, the Rev Mike Holloway there to receive it formally and it was well attended by various members of the Town Council, Painswick residents, the press and a few passers-by and the Secretary of GSIA, Dr Ray Wilson who took these photographs.

After the presentation tea and cakes (excellent) were served in the Parish Room.

The presentation was well-reported in the local paper, The Stroud News and Journal.

See the Creative Re-use award page for information about the award and other winners

Amber Patrick,
Co-ordinator Creative Reuse Award

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