A Strategic Vision for the effective stewardship of Industrial Heritage 2008 – 2013

In June 2007 the Association for Industrial Archaeology (AIA), English Heritage (EH) and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) hosted a seminar in Swindon entitled ‘Strategic Issues in the Industrial Heritage’. The seminar was held in response to the sector’s concerns over the stewardship of the historic industrial environment and during the afternoon session small groups identified priorities for action to ensure that the fullest possible range of industrial heritage is conserved for future generations to utilise, learn about and enjoy.

A statement of strategic vision and a draft action plan based upon the discussions at that seminar has now been produced by the three organisations involved and is available for consultation. Click here to download (.doc 46k)

Consultation has now concluded but the document is left available as a point of reference and for information.

The Action Plan was revised in light of comments received. Implementation of the Action Plan will be monitored and reviewed annually by the AIA Council, EH’s Industrial Archaeology Panel and the HLF’s Industrial, Maritime & Transport Group.