Reading IA Review online

Your AIA membership entitles you not just to copies of Industrial Archaeology Review on paper but also to online access which can be even more exciting than reading the print version! You need to be able to log in to the online version maintained by our publisher, Taylor and Francis via this link:

If you cannot remember the password you were given when Taylor and Francis took over from Maney, all you need to do is to respond to the ‘forgotten password’ message and create a password that you will remember! If you get stuck, just contact the Customer Services team at who will be happy to help. Your username will be the email address you provided for your AIA membership. If you have forgotten this or it needs updating, please contact Customer Services directly.

All the back numbers of the journal were digitised by Maney and this has, of course been maintained by Taylor and Francis. You can therefore search for information by typing in a keyword – just try ‘textile mills’ in the search box for ‘this journal’ and see what you come up with! You can also, of course, search by place to find articles that have been published concerning your own locality. When the particular article is located you will be able to read it straight from the webpage (the HTML) and are offered a choice of downloading a PDF or an interactive PDF: the latter enables you to comment on the text and save your comments if you wish, as well as to zoom in and enlarge the text and images. Both can then be saved to your own library. You are also now able to listen to the article or download it as an audio file. To listen to any section of an article, simply highlight the necessary wording in the webpage and press the ‘play’ button.

In modern publishing, articles are given a DOI or Digital Object Identifier. This means that they can be searched for digitally and the full text made available, provided you do have access to that particular publication. For example, if you go online to the article I have written on ‘40 Years of ‘ Industrial Archaeology Review’: A Personal View’ in volume 40.2, published in 2018 , you will see that I have referred to many past articles in the journal and cited their titles and their DOIs in the endnotes. If you click on these on the webpage or in either form of the PDF, this will bring up the entire article on the Taylor and Francis website. It is also possible to go straight to cited webpages as well by using this method. You are also able to jump to sections of the article by clicking on the heading in the sideboard on the left-hand side of the webpage, and share links to articles via social media and email by clicking on the ‘share’ icons on the top right-hand side of the article’s webpage.

It is now also possible for authors who contribute to Industrial Archaeology Review to include other material in the digital version of their articles. These can include videos and 3D models as well as additional tables, diagrams etc. So we look forward to even more exciting articles in Industrial Archaeology Review’! Do please try the online access if you don’t already.

Marilyn Palmer
Book Review Editor
December 2018