Abstracts of Volume XXIX 2007

Issue No 1, Spring 2007

The Narrow Gauge Nations: Industrial Archaeology beyond the Leading Sectors
The Rolt Memorial Lecture 2006

The paper is offered as a contribution to understanding the scope and range of i. a. by examining the archaeology of industrialisation within the context of economies within Britain and Ireland where industry was limited in its development and did not constitute the main economic activity. It goes on to suggest on this basis that industrial archaeology needs to engage with other forms of archaeological enquiry in order to make a more effective contribution to the debate on the origins, nature and effect of industrialisation.

Percival, Vickers & Co Ltd: The Archaeology of a 19th-Century Manchester Flint Glass Works

The Percival, Vickers & Co. Ltd glass works was amongst the largest glass manufactories in Manchester, and formed one of a regionally si