Council Meeting Summary October 2020

Chairman’s report

Currently the Council continues to meet by Zoom, though we are exploring how the Annual Conference and the Practical Weekends might be structured using a blend of online and face-to-face delivery. Hopefully by summer we can even have study visits.

Marilyn Palmer thanked Mike Nevell for a very successful chairmanship, and thanked Bill Barksfield for organising the Zoom meetings. David Perrett will take over as Chairman after the AGM on 11th October.

e-mail addresses

To keep everyone up to date it would be helpful to be able to contact all members by email, but we do not have that information for about one third of the membership. Requests for email addresses are being included in IA News and e-News.

Young Members Board

This group is very active and three members of the Board are now on Council: Zoe Arthurs, Andrew Blayney and Juan Sanchiz. Ashley Brogan (Vice Chair) is working on a ‘knowledge and skills exchange’ record to encourage new young members.


Council expressed their thanks to the Merseyside team for an excellent gazetteer, which has been posted to all members. A sub-committee was set up to refine the options for virtual conferences and explore the possibility of making the Seminar and main Conference in Liverpool work along these lines. If it is possible to go ahead with a virtual conference, details will be circulated with the spring issue of IA News. Issues caused by Brexit and Covid-19 may have a bearing on the viability of the Dublin conference in August 2022.

Secretary’s reports

Council approved the amendment to the AGM Resolution No 4 to elect Patricia Bracegirdle (incoming IA News Editor), and Zoe Arthurs (Secretary, YMB) as members. As a result there will be nine elected members again, the minimum stipulated by the Articles. With the co-option of Andrew Blayney and Juan Sanchiz from the Young Members Board, there are now nine co-opted members.

There were 65 postal voting papers for the AGM on 11th October and more were available on the day from those attending who had not sent a postal vote. A note about the AGM is included in the winter issue of IA News.

Bruce Hedge reported that, counting joint members as two, we have broken the 500 member barrier, which includes 43 new members this year. Council thanked him for his valued support over many years and had arranged for a small gift to be sent in appreciation. Council also thanked Chris Barney for his valued contribution as Editor of IA News over many years, who had also been sent a small gift in appreciation. The Chairman formally welcomed his successor, Patricia Bracegirdle.

IHSO progress report

Mike Nevell is currently working on a proposal to Historic England for the IHSO project to continue for a further three years, noting that the Council’s offer of £1,500 towards this has been well received. The bid is due to be submitted in late October / early November.


Marilyn Palmer has revised the criteria for future Publication awards, which will be posted on the relevant web page. From 2021 the deadline for all awards will be 31st January, with the exception of the Peter Neaverson Travel Bursary (which has no deadline), and the Restoration Grants (where the deadline of 31st March remains unchanged). A proposal for a new Community Engagement Award was approved.

Website report

Bill Barksfield was thanked for his work on the Cornish Engine Database. New additions are added as notes, without changing the original entries. He had circulated an email proposing a database of speakers as a facility the AIA could share with the Affiliated Societies, which was approved.

Social Media report

Tegwen Roberts’ reported that we currently have 3,364 followers on twitter: @AIndustrialArch

Paul Collins reported that we have 2,040 members of the Facebook group|:


  1. Tim
    November 17, 10:29 Reply
    Will a 'virtual conference' include a 'virtual conference dinner'??? Tim Smith
    • Bill Barksfield
      November 25, 13:09 Reply
      It might be fun for everyone to have their dinner at home at the same time and we could all at least toast one-another on-screen! More seriously, with the emergence this week of effective vaccines, talk has turned back to running Conference physically. Watch for updates in your inbox.

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