Council Meeting Summary – October 2015

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The fourth and final Council meeting of 2015 was held in Coalbrookdale on the 30th and 31st October. Among the matters discussed were:

  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Industrial Heritage (APPG IH)
  • Heritage Angels Awards
  • Treasurers report
  • Membership report
  • Future conferences
  • The new web-site
  • Affiliated societies
  • AIA Practical Days
  • Endangered sites
  • Industrial Archaeology Review (IA Review)
  • Field Visits
  • Awards

The 13th October APPG IH meeting was chaired by David Anderson MP who unfortunately had to announce his need to retire due to new responsibilities. He also had to announce withdrawal of secretarial support by NCMME following the retirement of Margaret Faull. Council approved making the offer to provide the secretariat through Tony Crosby, our former chairman.

Heritage Angels Award, the winner of the “Historic England Followers’ and Telegraph Readers’ Favourite” was the Newman Brothers Coffin Works, a project which had been managed by new Council member Kate Dickson.

The Treasurer, John Jones reported that he anticipated a substantial, but planned, deficit largely because of subsidising the accommodation at the Sussex conference in September. That subsidy had been approved in advance.

The Membership Report presented by Bruce Hedge, showed total membership at the end of September as 537, versus a 2014 end-end number of 546.

Conference Secretary John McGuinness reported on feedback from attendees at the Sussex conference. Comments had been mostly positive, but there was negative feedback regarding travel directions, about early deliveries on the campus site and the prevalence of chicken on the menus.

Future conferences planned are at the following locations:

John Stengelhofen produced his last gazetteer for the Sussex conference. John has produced the conference gazetteers for many years, often against almost impossible deadlines and his efforts were gratefully acknowledged by Council.

A new web-site has been developed, approved and now gone live, see //, comments are invited on the web-site itself.

Affiliated Societies, Council agreed that a short PowerPoint presentation should be produced for Lynne Walker, the Affiliated Societies Officer, to use at any Society meeting to explain what the Association does.

AIA Practical Days – an AIA Practical Day on advocacy, “Speaking up for Industrial Heritage”, is being organised by Tegwen Roberts for 23rd April 2016 in Coalbrookdale. More details on the Events Diary page. There will also be another practical day on blast furnaces in October 2016.

Endangered sites – Amber Patrick reported that comments have been made on 12 cases and that we have objected to the wholesale demolition of the buildings at the former Victorian Railway Maintenance depot at Wolverton, near Milton Keynes. We gave our active support to the conversion to residential of the Clementhorpe Maltings in York and to the substantial application on three and a bit malthouses and transit shed at Bakers Quay, Gloucester.  The Association has been asked for assistance and support in respect of two listings, the headstocks at Hatfield Colliery, Doncaster and for the listing of Hornsey No 1 gasholder, Haringey.
With regard to previous cases, we have been notified that the application in respect of Quantum Clothing, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, was disallowed but has gone to appeal, further representations, with additional information has been made.

IA Review, the issue of the paper thickness has been taken up with the publishers.

Field Visits – Bill Barksfield out-lined the 2016 programme which included an AIA Spring Tour to Romania, 16th May – 22nd and a Country House Comfort & Convenience Tour covering Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey in June. See for details.

Awards – the five winners of the new Best Creative Re-use of an Industrial Building Award will be announced at the Prince’s Regeneration Trust/Historic England conference to be held in Manchester on 1st- 2nd December. Note the change of name from Adaptive Re-use Award.

The Initiative Award 2015, chosen by conference attendees, went by a clear majority to Coultershaw Heritage Site. A clear majority that is of the five people who took the trouble to vote.

Bruce Hedge, November 2015.


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