I hope you’re enjoying looking at our new website!

This is just to give you a few words of introduction to the new format:

Take a look at the black menu at the top : This gives you the basic functionality you need to get back to the Home page; Find out who we are and what we do; How to contact us and how to join the Association.
On the “Contact Us” page you’ll find all the details you need for getting in touch with us.
On the “News” page you’ll find posts about recent things that we think website visitors should notice.
They tend to be short, with a short shelf life and (like this one) draw your attention to new and different things on the website.

Under ‘Features’ you’ll find Feature Articles – which are longer things with a longer shelf life.
At the bottom of any News item or Feature you can add your comments.
All comments will be reviewed and as long as they’re relevant and not offensive they will be published for others to see.
The 7 most recent News and Feature articles are highlighted in the ‘Latest News and Features’ block on the right hand side.

Use the red spyglass to search across the site for things that interest you.

On the white menu, do take a look at the Events Diary, showing events for the next 12 months: If you click on any item you will see information about the event, location, organizer, contact details, map and two buttons for loading the event into your electronic diary.

If you have an event you’d like advertised here do let me know:

At the bottom of the page you can see the latest posts on our Facebook page, on Twitter and a summary of the remaining events this month. Click on the right arrow (in the white dot) to go forward one month at a time.

You can also ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ on your favourite social media.

Do let me have any comments you may have now and in the future about the website.

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Bill Barksfield
Bill Barksfield 90 posts

Bill is the Webmaster for the AIA website (amongst others) and is Managing Director of Heritage of Industry Ltd

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