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New Director of Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust

Helen Featherstone has been appointed as the new Director of Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust. Sheffield Industrial Museums are the showcase of Sheffield’s industrial story from early industrialisation to modern times.

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9 days left to nominate a heritage site for Europe’s 7 Most Endangered programme 2018

Call for Nominations Deadline: 30 June 2017 All over Europe monuments and heritage sites are in danger. To find a sustainable future for these sites, the leading heritage organisation Europa

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Caithness Conference June 2018 planning underway

Planning for the 2018 conference in Caithness is in progress. Below we mention some of the things which may be included but we cannot at this stage confirm the status

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2017 AIA Conference now open for booking – Online booking and electronic payment available

South East Midlands Conference, 25th – 30th August 2017 This year’s conference will be held at Moulton College to the north of Northampton. The Association’s conference this year, which is

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AGA Foundry in Coalbrookdale to close

The AIA was very saddened to hear the announcement last week that the AGA foundry in Coalbrookdale, near the place where Abraham Darby first smelted iron in a furnace fuelled

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Conference Notes and Gazetteers now available on line

Most Gazetteers and all available Tour Notes for past Conferences have now been scanned into pdfs and added to the website. Go to Past Conferences to see and download any

Sad news for the world’s last steam-powered cotton weaving mill

Following on from the news in 2016 that Lancashire County Council had taken the decision to close several of its museums, including Queen Street Mill and Helmshore Mills Textile Museum,

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Communicating World Heritage Values – Call for Papers

Communicating World Heritage: Research and Global Policy Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham in association with World Heritage UK Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of

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The Prince’s Regeneration Trust – BRICK Conference 2017

29th – 30th March 2017 Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow 2017 is the Year of History Heritage and Archaeology – a celebration of what gives Scotland its unique character and draws

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AIA Practical Day, 8th April – Forging Ahead: Understanding The Iron Industry

8th April 2017 The focus of this Association for Industrial Archaeology Practical Day will be the iron industry. This one-day workshop will look to provide introductory practical training and a