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For all general enquiries please contact the Secretary, details below.

Membership matters are handled by the Taylor & Francis Group. See our Membership page for more details.

  • Recording Awards: David de Haan

* Elected Officers of the Association

Hon Vice-Presidents

  • Sir Neil Cossons
  • Professor Angus Buchanan
  • Professor John Hume

Elected Council Members

  • Tony Crosby
  • Steve Dewhirst
  • Kate Dickson
  • Shane Kelleher
  • Ian Miller
  • Tegwen Roberts
  • Mark Watson

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Registered Office:

The Association for Industrial Archaeology, c/o IGMT, Coach Road, Coalbrookdale, Telford TF8 7DQ

The Association for Industrial Archaeology is registered in England under the Companies Act 1948 (No 1326854) and the Charities Act 1960 (No 277511).