2015 AIA Awards

The 2015 Award Winners receive their awards at the Annual Conference in Brighton.
2015 award winners
They are, from left to right,

Lynne Pearson, Peter Neaverson Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Industrial Archaeology;

Caroline Malim, SLR Consulting, Commercial Publications Award;

Laurence Hayes, SLR Consulting, Commercial Publications Award;

Marilyn Palmer, President, AIA;

Penny Middleton, Northern Archaeological Associates, Archaeological Report Award;

Matthew Town, Northern Archaeological Associates, Peter Neaverson Award for Digital Initiative and Innovation and highly commended for Archaeological Report Award;

Peter Daniel, Somerset Industrial Archaeology Society, Voluntary Societies Publications Award.


  1. Gill
    June 14, 21:03 Reply
    Please tell us about Peter Neaverson.
  2. Bill Barksfield
    June 15, 09:05 Reply
    Gill: There is a good description of Peter's contribution to Industrial Archaeology, the legacy he left to the Association and how we are using it here: https://industrial-archaeology.org/aia-awards/peter-neaverson-awards/

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